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Lunch Club


Third Thursday Thinkers
‚ÄčLunch Club

The Third Thursday Thinkers Lunch Club is a round-table conversation with a group of interesting and different people, not a presentation or death by powerpoint. It's definitely not about people who sit in the corner, collecting business cards only to CRM you.

Regular attendees are investors, business owners, professionals, managers and advisors. The common factor is everyone enjoys thinking, talking and executing on how to make South Australia a better place to live, work and play.

Your host is John Lindsay, tech entrepreneur and company director.

The format is a light lunch on the third Thursday of the month at a private venue on Hutt St in the Adelaide CBD.

We meet at NOON most months, February to November.

We sit down by 12:30pm and the speaker for the day has five to fifteen minutes to talk about something interesting to stimulate conversation. After that it's once around the table for quick introductions and then a discussion. While hand-outs are acceptable, it's generally a Powerpoint-free-zone.

Lunch will be served from 1pm and finished by 2pm.

There is also a closed Facebook group. You should apply to join it. 

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